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Stairway to Success

  • code :: communications has adopted a practically-oriented approach to providing consulting and training which can be represented as moving up a “knowledge stairway”. Each step in the stairway leads to deciphering the codes necessary for achieving successful intercultural corporate communication. Here are some examples:

Steps in the “knowledge stairway”...
The codes of intercultural communication are part of…
1...cultural diversity 1...the specific character of the national cultures and the internationally approved standards in both scientific and applied fields;
2...intercultural competence 2...the principles of building organizational cultures, drafting business strategies and structuring areas of professional activity;
3...practically-oriented solutions 3...the modern communication techniques used for preventing or solving conflict situations;
4...the philosophy behind delivering coherent training and coaching sessions that give trainees the opportunity to discuss case studies and to get acquainted with the international experience in the field of intercultural communication.