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Event Marketing

What you do describes best who you are...

:: CODE :: COMMUNICATIONS offers integrated strategies and programs for event marketing and communication in tight integration with its international platform of specialists and partners.

:: Our experience в in communication business helps us behind the scenes for your even as a reliable partner and consultant to achieve your communicational and marketing goals.

:: We believe, that the best communication strategy is based on:

  • Precise situational analisys, clear cooperative vision and identity;
  • Exact formulation of the event: goals, content, messages, size, target group;
  • Separation from the competition and cration of unique atmosphere;
  • Detailed financial budget.


:: Event Marketing is:

  • a core part in the overall corporate mix;
  • effective when classical forms of advertisement are worn out and need to be supplemented with additional events;
  • integral part of the emotional association of the target group with the brand, corporate identity and the product messages through the five senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch;
  • applicable in all spheres of corporate and pubic activity.


:: Every event organized and managed by CODE::COMMUNICATIONS generates positive emotions and results for clients and partners.

code::communications offers the codes and the required experience for you event