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Elena Filipcheva - professional photographer, visual artist, international communications and events expert, creator of conceptual creative spaces and international cultural projects


Elena is born in Sofia. She graduated photography and photojournalism. Until 1989 she worked for the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency; as theater photographer at the Union of Artists; as a photojournalist in the “ Vecherni novini”; for the newspaper for culture and art “Puls” and also the music magazine “Rithm”.


In the period 1989-1997 she realized different projects at the Bulgarian National Television. She creates and runs her own TV show "Family Album".


After 1990 Elena started entrepreneurial activities as founder and partner in the family company "KATECH" Ltd. for marketing of technical products. She is founder and CEO of Code Communications Ltd., a company specializing in corporate and intercultural communication, event marketing, personal coaching and leadership development.


Elena is active as an author and columnist in various newspapers, magazines and sites for culture, lifestyle, event marketing and cultural exchange. She is the author and publisher of a conceptual book related to Bulgarian national costumes, cultural heritage and traditions as well as art designer of the book "Tradition and Future - 120 years diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Austria".


Elena participated in numerous photographic exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. She is a recognized expert of conceptual events, creative spaces and ideas in collaboration with international artists, designers and people working in different spheres of digital art and technology.